~Find Your Path to Freedom~

 ~Welcome to the home of The Pure Consciousness with Mariola Kosowicz~

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Home of The Pure Consciousness is created for everyone who is looking to achieve freedom, joy, peace, harmony and balance in every aspects of ones life. Mariola Kosowicz can help you to find what is blocking you, holding you back, and limiting your true expression, full potential, and your life. Sometimes you can feel "stuck" in your life and you don't know what to do. With Mariola’s help you can find the path to your freedom. Mariola Kosowicz can assist you in your transformation, she can address any issues and bring balance and harmony to you and into your life. You are here in this life time to have a healthy, happy, loving, prosperous life and you have a right to be, to do and to have whatever you desire. Here, you can have consultations for individuals, businesses, groups, properties, lands, and animals.

Businesses may also have energetic blocks to success, growth, abundance, and prosperity. With SRT, we can identify if a business needs to be cleared in order to continue its success. Businesses can become stagnant by blocking energies within the company, building or its employees and managers.

Mariola Kosowicz is using Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Restructuring and Reconnective Healing. She loves to empower and inspire everyone and it is her honor to assist you in your healing and your transformative process. You can find your path to yourself, who you really are. You are Light, You are Love and You are Beauty!!!!!!

Mariola Kosowicz is a certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) teacher and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) teacher. She has been doing private sessions since 2007. Mariola is a very gifted healer, very intuitive and has long experience assisting children, adults, couples, businesses and animals in the healing process. Mariola helps people to clear what is on the way to achieve freedom, peace, joy, harmony, balance, health, well-being and prosperity. Mariola Kosowicz helps people around the world. She speaks Polish and English. Mariola loves to assists clients with support and empowerment, love and joy.